Are you getting the most out of Rhapsody and the Mapper?

June 11, 2018 Linda Smith

The Rhapsody Integration Engine has a number of powerful features that enable users to get the most out of the engine – however, some can be overlooked. Orion Health’s Rhapsody Certification Program upskills users, and providers, to get the most out of the integration engine and its many features, such as the Mapper.

The Mapper is described as Rhapsody’s ‘secret sauce’, it maps input messages to output messages using a user-defined mapping definition. This allows users to complete complex mapping requirements with ease and gives users the ability to map multiple input message types from the same definition. Code can also be reused, making the mapping of subsequent message structures much faster.
There are many benefits to certification including learning:
  • When to use the Mapper or any of the other Rhapsody message transformation tools
  • The best practices to ensure that mapping is as efficient and maintainable as possible
  • How to use the Mapper to map from HL7 to XML
The Rhapsody Associate and Professional Certification Programs empower users, helping them to understand all of the above while gaining practical experience by using the Mapper. The programs impart the comprehensive knowledge required to understand the integration engine and associated tools. It provides essential information about integration best practice, the health integration domain, and much more to help users get the benefits of Rhapsody in the most efficient way.
To request access to a Rhapsody Certification Program, you can talk to your Account Manager, or contact the Orion Health Education team at
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