HealthVantics and Rochester RHIO Cut Their Onboarding Time

HealthVantics is the health information exchange (HIE) and interoperability services provider for Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization).

The Customers

A fully accredited Qualified Entity (QE) of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), Rochester RHIO provides HIE services to authorized physicians and physician groups, hospitals, health plans, and community-based organizations in 13 upstate counties. The HIE offers participants a number of services, including integration, a clinical query portal, advanced alerting, Direct messaging, and more.

The Challenge

With an increasingly complex healthcare landscape and a community of HIE participants demanding more agile onboarding and faster delivery, the decision makers at HealthVantics and Rochester RHIO recognized that improvements needed to be made to their existing services.

“It was taking as many as four to six months to onboard new participants in the RHIO,” said Ramesh Sridharan, executive vice president and chief information officer, HealthVantics and Rochester RHIO. “In order to meet the increased expectations of our stakeholders, streamline internal processes, and keep our clients’ confidence, we needed to make infrastructure changes.”

The organizations decided that their next platform would be a best-of-breed solution, which would help them avoid being tied to a single vendor, as well as provide the flexibility to add new features and functions.

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