Phoenix Children’s Hospital Achieves a New Level of Integration

Phoenix Children’s Hospital (Phoenix Children’s) is the only hospital in Arizona dedicated to children and one of the ten largest children’s hospitals in the nation.

The Customer

Phoenix Children’s is home to the state’s largest group of pediatric specialists and sub-specialists. As the hospital continues to evolve this world-class care, it’s working with leading local and national research partners to uncover new breakthroughs in pediatric medicine.

The Challenge

Phoenix Children’s IT department was being asked by their clinicians, support staff, and researchers to provide a wider variety of services with limited resources. Beyond that, the Hospital’s legacy integration engine was increasingly proving to be too rigid for the organization’s evolving demands. Neither user-friendly nor scalable, the engine delivered messages with incomplete information, was unable to track the vast quantities of data coursing through the hospital’s IT infrastructure, and failed to offer the level of integration that Phoenix Children’s needed.

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