FHIR – Sparking Innovation in Health Information Sharing

September 8, 2016 Dr. David Hay

Health information sharing is becoming increasingly important. Individuals involved in delivering care to patients now expect the information they require to be available at the point of care.

Historically, information was locked into 'silos of collection', which is no longer the case.

There is an increasing requirement for rapid and secure healthcare interoperability; the sharing of patient information between providers. In response, there is a new standard from HL7® FHIR® or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

FHIR is now at a level of maturity where clinicians and healthcare executives can become involved and understand how FHIR APIs will future-proof your organizations health information sharing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is FHIR?
  • Evolution of this new healthcare standard
  • How profiling can customize FHIR for your organization
  • Security and how SMART will ensure this
  • How FHIR will benefit clinicians, healthcare executives, implementers and informed patients
  • How FHIR APIs will future-proof your organization 

Featured Speakers:

Dr. David Hay — Product Strategist, Orion Health

David is active in the international standards community as the chair of HL7 New Zealand and is a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group, charged with guiding the development of the latest HL7 Standard. David graduated from medical school in 1981, afterwards moving into the Health IT sector. He has provided outstanding leadership towards helping to create and evangelise the innovative FHIR standard

Damian Leopard — Solutions Consultant, Orion Health

Damian has over 20 years of integration experience, and has worked with the Rhapsody Integration Engine for the past 11 years. His experience spans the entire project life-cycle from pre-sale proof of concept projects, integration architecture, and through to ongoing support.

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